About Me

My name is Kelsey Wolfe. I am a student at Drake University studying Advertising and Graphic Design.

Kelsey Wolfe at Drake University

This semester, I am taking various classes such as Advanced Strategic Messaging, Interactive Design, Consumer Culture, and quite a few others.

Outside of class I am the Managing Art Director for Drake University Independent News which is the university’s satire magazine. We write funny jokes infrequently and make a funny magazine even more infrequently.

I am originally from Deerfield, Illinois which is about 30 minutes North of Chicago.

My favorite color is green and my current favorite animal is raccoons. There is actually a raccoon on campus that I saw once. He was sliding into a sewer grate.

My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip with cotton candy being a close second.

My favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox directed by Wes Anderson and my favorite T.V. show is Over the Garden Wall. I am a huge fan of independent music and movies.

Graphic Design

I started learning Graphic Design the summer going into my Sophomore year of high school and I fell in love. After that summer I took every graphic design class I possibly could through my Senior year.

I knew I wanted to study graphic design in college and realized I had an interest in advertising when I was doing research on graphic design as a career.

Since taking AP Art my senior year of high school, I have kept a relatively up to date portfolio of my artistic projects.


As I said before, I am currently Managing Art Director for Drake’s very own satire magazine.

DUiN publishes one magazine a semester but we do a lot more than just make a magazine. We have an Instagram that we make “DUiN Dumps” for which are just basically random headlines about current events or things around campus.

As managing art director I basically help our current Art Director with whatever he’s doing whether that be making graphics for upcoming events or working on our current magazine.

Designing for DUiN is a lot of fun. All of the articles we publish are hilarious (which is good because if they weren’t we wouldn’t be doing our jobs very well) which makes them really fun to read and come up with designs for. DUiN is unique because we don’t have a set template or style we are going for so everyone’s designs look radically different. This makes the magazine look super interesting, colorful, and unique with every new edition.