Things to do in Marketing 101

Marketing 101

As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in my Principles of Marketing class.

I want it known that I am not in this class of my own accord. It’s a requirement for my Advertising major.

But that doesn’t matter because I am still in this class. Right now.

So, to pass the time, I am writing this post that you are reading.

And now I will tell you, dear reader, what the people in my class are currently doing.


Hopefully (I really, really hope) my marketing professor is not reading this blog post.

If she is (I really hope she’s not) I would just like to say that I normally do pay attention. It’s just that you’re talking about pipelines and modes of transporting goods right now and frankly, I already know planes are fast and ships are slow.

Also in my defense, I didn’t eat lunch and she gave every person in the class two cookies but told us we’re not allowed to eat them.

So, even if I wasn’t writing a blog post right now, I still wouldn’t be paying attention.

I can smell the cookies and my tummy’s rumbling.

the cookies that are taunting me

So really, me not paying attention isn’t my fault.

Eat Cookies

My professor just told us we could eat the cookies.

We have to rate them.

There is a generic brand and on brand cookie.

Personally, I thing the on brand was noticeably crunchier.

That could just be a placebo effect though.

the significantly better cookie

The on-brand cookie is victorious.

The class has decided that it was the superior cookie by approximately 2 points.

Watch Minecraft Videos

As someone that has spent plenty of hours watching and playing Minecraft, I understand using your time like this.

Last class he was watching a video of a bird being developed from an egg that had its top removed which I thought was more interesting than watching a time laps of a Minecraft house being made.

But, that’s a matter of personal preference.

Playing Solitaire

A solid choice.

Playing Solitaire doesn’t take much brain power which makes it the perfect solo card game to play in the middle of class.

I do however believe my classmate is stuck. He hasn’t progressed for almost a minute.

If he ever sees this blog post, this is a website he might find helpful: How to Play Solitaire

Looking at Sports Statistics

Personally, I don’t find sports interesting.

However, many of my classmates must because quite a lot of them are constantly looking at sports in class.

I’m just glad they’re finding an interesting way to spend their class time.

After all, I did too.